Elements Wetrooms


The most comprehensive wetroom system on the market, for complete peace of mind and total reassurance of a completely 100% waterproof finished room, all backed  with a 15 year guarantee.

Elements is the ideal product to waterproof and insulate in one operation prior to tiling and offers the most comprehensive waterproofing system available, from a simple bathroom floor to a complete steam room. Elements not only makes your bathroom last longer, thus protecting your investment, it also reduces mould –  making it a much healthier option for any tiling project.

Elements isn’t just about wetrooms, it is a comprehensive waterproofing and insulation system for any bathroom, wetroom or steam room, delivering ultimate build quality ‘behind the tiles’ for total peace of mind.



Wetroom shower bases with innovative drain options. Multi-height wetroom options from floor level to raised tile areas. Wall and floor building systems for fast and efficient building. Curved elements and pipe boxings to achieve the perfect look with precision and accuracy.


Elements allows you to be creative, making your ideas come to life. From a simple tiled shower seat to a complete steam room. Innovative pre-fabricated systems.
Elements offers a complete bespoke tailor made service.

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